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Below is a great post on material that entry or entrance mats are made from. What makes a good walk off mat? A lot has to do with the material its made from. When looking at an carpet entrance mats or carpet runners for commercial use or home – residential use, keep in mind what is the backing made from also. Rubber backing will last longer and hold up better than the plastic or vinyl backing. We have only seen one company (the Andersen Company)  that offers different backings, one for laying the entrance matting over carpet and one over hard floors. The hard floors backing would be smooth and with rubber it will hold nicely. Over carpeting the entry mats would have a cleated backing, this will end any floating or movement the mat might have.

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-Nylon vs. Olefin-
Whats the difference in entry mats or entrance matting?

Nylon is utilized in approximately 65% of the carpet sold in the U.S. It is a very durable fiber with excellent performance characteristics. Its strengths include good resiliency, good yarn memory to hold twist, good carpet cleaning efficacy, good stain resistance with stain treatment applied, good soil hiding ability, and good abrasion resistance. Nylon is manufactured in both BCF and staple fiber. It is the strongest fiber, making it an excellent choice for the heavy traffic of an active household or commercial facility. It’s also the most durable of the synthetics. It is soil and mildew resistant and resilient, but is prone to static. Most nylon is treated with an anti-static treatment to reduce static. Continuous filament fibers minimize pilling and shedding.
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Olefin makes up about 30 % of the fiber used in U.S. carpet manufacturing today. Its strengths include superior stain resistance, with the exception of oil-based stains, and low cost. It is a solution-dyed product, which means color is added during extrusion in its molten state rather than topically applied. (Imagine a carrot vs. a radish). Because of this dye method it has superior resistance to bleaches and sunlight fading. However it has poor resiliency, which can lead to crushing. Color selection is limited due to its dye method. It has poor abrasion resistance and its low melt point can cause fibers to fuse if furniture or other objects are dragged across its surface.
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This is the most commonly used fiber in carpet today because it is strong, easy to dye, and readily available. There is still no stronger carpet fiber on the market today. If you have any traffic paths at all, I strongly recommend you buy a nylon carpet and forget about those other fibers.
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Polypropylene or Olefin:
This is one of the most color fast fibers on the market. It also is one of the most naturally stain resistant. Thus, this fiber is best suited for indoor-outdoor carpet in both loop and grass styles. Olefin is a cheap fiber. It performs well in wear tests if the profile of the pile height is super low. If one adds air to the fiber to give it some bulk (so it feels good), it will not produce a carpet that looks good for longer than six months. This puffed up Olefin will crush!
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what about Polyester?


This is a new type of fiber that has this long chemical name: Polyethylene Terephthalate, but still falls in the class of fibers known commonly as polyesters. ThisPolyester fiber,however,is “not your daddy’s polyester”. This fiber has natural and permanent stain resistance. Polyester fiber is stronger than the old polyester and has betterabrasion resistance. Unlike the old polyester, thePolyester product has ahighermelting point and is more resistant to abrasion.

The fiber is made from PET chips,some of which come from recycledplastic containers, hence the name “pop bottle carpet”. Recycling doesnot affect the quality if the fiber, thus this product could be a futurefiber that could be recycled over and here

Like olefin, Polyester does have poor resilient properties and thus issusceptibleto crushing. Polyester fabrics are generally sold in heavy faceweights withhigh-density construction. Avoid high pile heights with low-densityconstruction.These products tend to flatten and “ugly” out. Also look for hightwist levelsrather than “blown” yarns. Loose twists (blown yarn) tend to untwistand theyarn tips tend to fuse together creating a matted appearance. click here





I was chatting with a customer and what seemed like a complaint turned into something quite different.

This customer had bought a dark colored Waterhog entrance mat manufactured by The Andersen company. They are 100% guaranteed so I never have to worry.
This mat was a darker color, the darker the color the more it will show the dirt. My customer explained that as he was vacuuming the mat he thought about how there was a lot to vacuum up. Of course this is a negative right, more stuff equals more work. But it’s all in how you look at it.

Study the picture above and the design of the Waterhog by Andersen

All of a sudden it hit him, all this stuff he was cleaning out of the mat was not tracked all over the building!

The Waterhog entry matting did its job!
It really catches all the dirt, debris and liquids. Isn’t that the job of any entrance, entry or walk off mat, to catch all that stuff in order to save all the other flooring in the building and to keep your areas looking cleaner?! Yes, it is!

Check them out for yourself; Waterhog Entrance mats



Introducing the first Logo mat added to our website…

This one is a “Classic”, yes a Classic Impressions.

First things first, does everyone know what a logo mat is, how about if we say an image mat?

see the picture below:


As the picture shows you above a logo or image mat is usually a carpet mat with an image and words or sometimes just word or an image (picture). As you will see later in our new products as they are added at a later date these mats can not only be carpet, but can be rubber mats too.

Usually you will see these at the entrance or entry way, some people call them walk off mats. This is not the only use or place for these mats. Really you will see these mat just about anyplace you want to show off the company logo or name, get a message across to customers, this could be directions or any other needed messages other than your logo or store / company image. A common area other than the entrance would be in front of counters, maybe in a restaurant pick up area or a hotel check in counter, a savvy manager could even put them behind the counter for comfort and good footing with the message he wants to get across, like something as simple as a big smiley face (sure to catch the eye of employees and remind them to smile).

In industrial situations you can use these industrial strength mats are essential in not only safety with good footing and non slip, but also getting a message to your employee or visiting higher ups, and visiting customers. They can have anything printed on them; safety first, company name, directions, a nice welcome message, or something as simple as wipe feet before entering the offices.


These top of the line message mats, logo mats, image mats are made by a great company that gives a 100% satisfaction guaranty (Andersen). Not only a guaranty, but a great quality mat, here at we only carry the best, and we stand behind the products and stand behind and with our customers to get them a fair deal!

Classic Impression mats are made from the best nylon that makes up the logo and the mat. The logo, image or words are made up of carpet fibers, this means there is not pressed on, stuck on label that can not only come off but block the performance of the mat. You get it all with this one, sharp details images and performance. On the product page you will see many colors – these color choices are for the back ground, the image and its details and the words, what an awesome mat. This is not only our first logo mat on our site but a very highly recommended one also.

A feature that is only offered with this line of carpet mats and not other entrance mats is a choice of backing. We have a nub backing that has tons of little carpet grabbing nubs all over the rubber bottom of the mat. These nubs keep the mats from moving around when laid on carpeted floors. The second choice would be a smooth or flat back, this is great for keeping the entry way mat in place on a hard floor.


We are green! The entire line of mats from this company in which we represent have a percentage of recycled material. And its easy for you to go green too! call now or visit

I recommend you stop back at the website often as we do have new products showing up all the time.

go to the website above and see all the colors, pricing and contact information.

As this video shows – get your message across to your employees and customers, sales information or even a safety message like don’t walk on logs:)



You just don’t hear Made in the USA anymore, but what about “Hand Made in the United States of America”. The Airomat mat is a very unique mat, and yes hand made in the US.

The uniqueness, quality and advantages all seem to come from the Large “Square” Openings!

[Large square openings]

Again, the large square openings on the Airomat mat give you what other mats cannot:

Between openings where debris land

Like walking on air

Larger areas to hold liquids and debris

Up and out

As your foot grabs down into
openings & mat to floor.


Dirt stayson floor,not in the mat. Nice little square piles of dirt.

Less mat, more air, 1/4″ strips and openings are 7/8″ x 7/8″

Floating PVC strip, the 1/4″ x 1/2″ tall strips are not welded together, letting them to move and flex.

Created when you step on openings

Drainage Grooves and holes


You remain up on the Airomat mat while everything else falls through and now you get all the advantages of the relief and safety, Again, the design of this mat you do get advantages that other mats just can not do.

This design is a really great design for safety, offering great traction from the openings and the fact your up on the mat.
The pockets of air created when you walk are great for fatigue relief, stress relief, anti stress or anti fatigue.

We will post more on this product and all the uses
Uses range from: Industrial, commercial, residential and used in kitchens, work stations, basements, garages, truck beds, storage crates, deliver truck floors and shelves, downdraft tables, horse stables, table tops, weight rooms, and so much more…

They can make stock sizes for you or custom sizes down to the inch in width and length and any strip any direction can be any or their colors! Wow! Oh and the mat is reversible too, the same traction grabbing on your foot and the floor.

Get a sample of this Airomat, my understanding is this is a One of a Kind mat very unique. and all with that Made in the USA by hand true statement.