Downdraft table mat

I have been doing Google searches for a downdraft table mat and not find much of anything, there is really not much out there.
How can you lay a mat on a downdraft table? Most mats out there are solid and the ones that have openings, do not have very large openings and you can loose air flow. So, yes I can see that a search for downdraft mat would not bring much. Still there remains a problem, downdraft tables have a metal grate that allows air flow and holds your product. Metal is the key word here, metal can scratch or damage your products. I've seen some hard plastic grates that are used, and this is a bit better, but hard plastic can still scratch and damage.
How about a soft  flexible plastic mat that will set on top of the grate? A downdraft table mat that allows air flow like the metal and plastic grates do. There is a mat mat just for downdraft tables, this mat is a grate pattern that has square openings that allow air flow, about 7/8"x7/8" square openings. This mat is Hand Made in the USA, and can be made down to the inch. So you can order a stock width in inches and choose your custom length in inches and you can choose any of 9 colors. If you would like a bit more custom you can order any width and any length and any color cominations (why not dress it up a bit, why have your work area drab and boring? You don't want employees being bored and doing drab work, I know I wouldn't want that).

What a find, a flexible downdraft table mat to protect your items and your table! It's reversable (two mats in one), and made of a non absorbent material. Firm enough to support yet soft enough to protect - check it out here

downdraft table with blue mat on it

this shows the flexibility and and a couple of black color strips in a yellow mat, look at the large openings.


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